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I highly feel obliged to start “Mayurhir’s Achiever’s Kinderland” where knowledge is bliss and ignorance is curse. In this educational era, education has become one of the most important aspect for every individual. To improve the educational climate and foster personal and social development of the school, it is upon the principal as well as the supervisor to share their expertise with the teachers, through proper training and assisting the staff to make them aware of the sensitive needs of early adolescent.

During this year adolescent, it is the time when the child actually starts learning, observing and imitating and it is the “SCHOOL” where the child gets utmost freedom to observe and learn from the upcoming environment. Thus it becomes prior responsibility of the school to understand and accept the child’s self-concept and work towards their determination, with positive changes to provide correct and appropriate guidance and to support every child. The school provides teaching, learning experiences and opportunities for learning decision-making skills and grants the child to live with dignity and grace and to learn from mistakes without criticism and ridiculous behavior.

Similarly with the proper assistance of the school, Parents also need to involve themselves in upbringing of their young ones. It is parent’s responsibility to maintain open lines of communication with the school office, teachers as well as administration. For your adolescent, you need to involve yourself in social as well as academic activities of the school; which would definitely result in positive upbringing of your child, boosting his confidence as well as maturity level. As communication is the main bridge between the school and parents.

Looking forward for imparting best foundation educational year's in Preschooling.

So Come and experience the sheer joy of learning

Your's Faithfully
Mayurhir's Achiever's Kinderland
(Preschool / DayCare / Activity Centre)

Our pre-school started its journey in the year 2009, with its first centre in vasna road. Our pre-school has expanded its branches at Rajesh Tower, Gotri Road, Sunpharma road, Waghodia Road, manisha chokdi, Samta Arunchal Road, Vasna Road, Makrand Desai Road, Karelibaug.



    School timings of play group achievers is 9:00 am to 12:00 noon).

    Playgroup achievers are provided with the warmest nourishing environment of care, love and comfort and friendly gestures so as to make them feel comfortable and secured during their very first transition from home to school.

    They are indulged by various learning activities and tasks which ultimately helps them to grow up with confident approaches. In play group introduction towards social skills, emotional skills, intellectual skills, creative skills and sensor motor skills is given.


    School timings of Nursery achievers is 8:30 am to 12:00 noon.

    As playgroup year was introduction towards their social → emotional → cognitive → creative and motor skills, in nursery its time to gain mastery in the same. A step ahead for them to be acquainted with school routine. They explore more deeply and firmly in their verbal communication skills and writing skills too. Recognition and writing of upper case letters and number are invented.


    School timing - 8:30 Am to 12:00 noon.

    By nursery the basic skills are mastered and now its time for them to attain excellence in writing as well as communication skills and cognitive skills. More emphasis is given on recognition of upper case and lower case letters, sound, vocabulary through various reinforcing activities and games


    School timing - 8:30 Am to 12:00 noon.

    Here children learn to read three letter words and short sentences with help of their phonics. Children learn to recognize and write numeral values which includes concepts like addition/subtraction/tables/time etc.

    Hindi subject is introduced as it is our national language at basic level. Various worksheets are provided to improve writing skills.

  • DAYCARE (Flexible)

    School timing - Flexible.

    pre/post school daycare facilities are provide. The children at daycare are properly takes taken care of under the supervision of a centre head and a day care teacher. Meals and snacks are provided from daycare (optional.)


Events and celebrations are the major Co-curricular activity which keeps kids more eager to know about new things.

Different kinds of celebrations like Bubbles Party, Fruit Salad Party, Rainy Day, Rakshabandhan, Independence Day, Navratri, Diwali, etc are done so that kids can get an overview of all the festivals in India and also the different kind of equality is created between the kids themselves.

School takes initiatives in making the kids understand all religious their customs.

Different kinds of in school competitions like fancy dress, conversation, story telling, etc. are organized; so that the kids can get familiar to the sporting spirits of competitions.

Also huge/big events like sport day, Annual function, competitions for parents graduation day, etc are organized which lets parents get involved in with the school…

‘Vision” for Achiever’s kinderland is to give this world a very confident and a loving individual; who is nurtured with all practical as well as ethical values in building in him/her.

For us we want/wish our student to become/set as example to each and every individual he/she meets to know how mature and a very optimistic person one can become if taught and taken care in a proper way.

Our “fun learning” method will definitely help kids to get educated in a very easy yet innovative way. They will get all the knowledge which is going to help them throughout their life in many ways. A child is like “ plain paper” in which what you make them do happens/continues throughout their educational years and in their daily life too. They will definitely try to incorporate the things learned at school in to their routines.

So, at MAK we will always try to give education which will be more effortless and more to be understood practical.

Hope to give the same experiences to all our students.

  • At Achiever’s Kinderland a child is taught in a nurturing & play-based environment, our curriculum build’s children’s self esteem & problem solving skills, while fostering respect for themselves & others.

  • To foster a learning organization in partnership with parents, an organization to provide innovative educational & training programs towards the development of dynamic individuals with strong moral values & a passion for lifelong learning.

Our Offices

Mayurhir's Achievers Kinderland and Achievers International School

9/10, Purshottam Park Society,

Subhanpura High Tension Road,

At Jhansi Circle,


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